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The Epic Mahabharata is an ancient Indian epic which depicts the conflict between two branches in the family. The two groups of brothers  the Pandavas and the Kauravas, battled for the throne of Hastinapur .This led to the famous battle of Kurushestra.This epic is a description of many kingdoms, religious practices, culture, geography, deceit and honor etc.

It was written by Rishi Vyasa. In ancient India the knowledge was passed through Oral teaching. It was much later that it was  written down. In the case of Mahabharata it was dictated by Ved Vyasa and written by Ganesha (The Elephant headed God).

The oldest preserved parts of the above epic are dated around 400 BCE, though the incidents written could be older. However, recently after the discovery of a chariot and other artefacts from the Sanauli excavation site, Mahabharata incidents are more likely to have occurred earlier, sometime between 1500-2000 century .

According to the epic the five Pandavas brother were sent on a 14 year exile and they traveled extensively in the Himalayan region. There are many places associated with them in Uttarakhand.

So, today we will visit 5 existing places that are mentioned in the Mahabharata.


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The ashram of Ved Vyas who authored Mahabharata is in Badrinath. During their exile the  Pandavas  had stayed in Badrinath and hid their weapons here during the exile to retrieve them later after the exile.

Badrinath was a popular place for the munis and rishis during the time of Mahabharat as well as now.The temple has an idol of god Vishnu in meditation posture.


It is 34 km from Almora town. The temple complex lies on the left bank of the river Jatganga. There are three temple clusters here built between 7th -11th century by the Katyuri kings. It is considered the place where the Pandavas, while starting for their Mahaprasthan(last journey) towards Swargarohani, had performed their shraddh (last rites) i.e cutting all ties with the world.The banks of Jatganga are still used as a cremation ground.


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Mana village is 3 km from Badrinath and is the alst village on the Indo-Tibetian border. The Pandavas had started on their Mahaprasthan (last journey) from here. Draupadi was the first among them to fall down and die while crossing it.

(I remember walking across the snow laden mountain to reach Mana village on a school trip. It was the end of winter but people who had migrated  to the lower heights had  not returned. The homes were locked by homemade contraptions and not by actual locks. The homes were made based on typical village architecture and stood facing each other and were separated by a stone road.)

4) HANOL:-

Photo Courtesy : uttarakhandtemples.in

The name of the village according to the legend was kept after the name of Huna Bhatt, a Brahmin. It can also be derived from ‘hanul’ meaning fire. This place was used to punish offenders using fire. It is also believed to be called Chakrapur as it is believed to be the place to which the Pandavas escaped from Lakshagraha (House made of Lac) on River Yamuna. The Kauravas had planned to set the palace on fire to kill their brothers but the five brothers escaped through an underground tunnel.

The village is at an altitude of 1,050 m above on the left bank of River Tons earlier known as River Tamas (meaning short-tempered). No water can be drawn from it for irrigation purposes, because of its precipitous banks and deep gorges. It is for this reason the river is called Karam Nashini.

Mythological story:-

King,Brubahan who was the king of this region. He admired Karna and Duryodhan very much and wanted support the Kauravas in the battle. Lord Krishna knew about the immense warfare skills and tricked him and did not let him support Duryodhan. But King Brubahan cried at every defeat of the  Kauravas which formed the Tamas river.The water of the river is still not used  as they believe that the tears of King Brubahan is still flowing in that river. After the war King Brubahan gave shelter to the rest of the Kaurava clan here and they started to worship King Duryodhan and King Karna.

The temple village of Hanol is a sort of pilgrimage place for people living in vast areas in the mountainous parts of Uttarakhand.


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A group of lakes known as Sattal exists in Kumaon (near the lake town of  Bhimtal) which is a place of attraction for nature and bird lovers. The hill near the lake known is known as Hidimba Parvat. It gets its name from a demon Hidimba who fell in love with Bhima,the Pandava brother while they were living in the forest.(Another temple dedicated to her is in Manali, Himachal Pradesh,which is more famous.)

(Nowadays Mahabharata  is being aired on Doordarshan. A reminder of our childhood days. You might want to read about my childhood days here.)

Author’s Note:- Information and photographs have been widely sourced from various websites as well as my personal contacts.Please feel free to inform me of any misinformation or any violation.My email id pashmeenachowdhary@gmail.com

References for information and photographs credits :

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    • Mrs. Ranjana Bisht

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30 thoughts on “E – EPIC MAHABHARATA

  1. Very interesting post-Pashmeena, Mythological facts always attracts me, Hanol came as a surprise for me, I am happy I came to one more thing through your blog only, looking forward for the rest of the posts.

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  2. Didn’t know many things about Mahabharat. Indian Mythology interests me a lot. Mahabharat has so many characters and stories associated to each character.

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  3. Another wonderful piece Pashmeena. I have heard and read about all five of them but not in detail. The board ‘ Hindustan ki aakhri dukaan’ in Mana village on Indo- Tibet border looks interesting. Keep up the excellent work.

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  4. It was an interesting read as usual. I can see a lot of research and hard work put behind all the posts so far. Love the way you are weaving the information along with components of entertainment in every post.
    Kudos to you and thank you for sharing the in-depth knowledge about the area.
    PS: I have missed reading some posts. But will catch up by the weekend. Can’t afford to miss them.
    F is for ‘Freinds…Terrace Friends’ at https://canvaswithrainbow.com/friends-terrace-friends/

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    1. Thank you so much Anagha for such heartfelt words…My research is teaching me so much..Thank you for loving it.. 😍 (I am lagging behind in writing as well as reading in the challenge) See you around..


  5. I enjoyed the post. Mahabharata has so many tales engraved there. I saw Hidimba temple few years ago in a serial. Again I saw it today. It was a lovely read dear. Looking forward.

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      1. That’s why I couldn’t connect to get other blogs. I was so confused. It’s okay P, take your time. We’re waiting. 🙂

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  6. Uttarakhand has a trove of cultural mythological and religious places and legends. You will invariably find the people here seeped in these stories and legends. A wonderful idea of taking up the epic and the amalgamation with the religious places is novel too.

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  7. I just know about Badrinath and Hidimba temple. I really wish to visit Mana village.
    It’s really great to know things related to mythology.
    Wonderfully curated post.

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  8. I heard many times about this Hidimba Temple. Hidimba parvat is located in bhimtal and top of the hill we can visit karkotak nag temple. But where exctaly the Hidima temple is?
    could you please share the location of temple and I want to list on bhimtal.in

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