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  24th June ,2019  I was summoned by my doctor for some emergency discussion as I had been undergoing tests for a lump in the neck for the past few days. On reaching the doctor’s cabin I was told that my reports indicate that I may be suffering from thyroid carcinoma. It was a bombshellContinue reading “ARE YOU TAKING CARE OF YOUR BODY?”


Your potential is endless and untapped..

Dear Yashika, Do not give up when you do not score high in the exams, as long as you are focused on your future, Do not give up when you do not have the luxuries that your friends have,as long as you have gratitude for your own life, Do not give up when your dreamsContinue reading “Your potential is endless and untapped..”


Swirling and twirling rises the gentle breeze, The dainty dandelions it loves to tease, Delicately dance the yellow flowers,Humming and flitting around are the lovely bees. Down trickled the cool showers,On the dandelions and the sunflowers. Mesmerising shades of yellow veil the ground,Sheltered by the dense newly -leafed bowers. The sights and fragrances of nature abound,With the birdsContinue reading “WALTZ OF THE YELLOW LIGHT..”


“Hello! Can you please describe the view around us, am blind, you see,”the stranger asked the lady. “Right in front is a flower laden garden with flower beds shaped in various designs, placed around a circular cobbled pathway.A few swings are placed under the tree for children to play,”she described enthusiastically. They were interrupted byContinue reading “VISION OF LIFE…”


I have felt love and joy, laughter and respect, I have borne pain and torture,seen despair and disrespect, I have been harassed and belittled, suffered sarcasm and neglect, I bear testimony to the torture of innocent souls and heard their stifled sobs, I have also seen uncountable shades of life, I have witnessed numerous sunrisesContinue reading “A MUTE WITNESS…”

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