24th June ,2019

 I was summoned by my doctor for some emergency discussion as I had been undergoing tests for a lump in the neck for the past few days. On reaching the doctor’s cabin I was told that my reports indicate that I may be suffering from thyroid carcinoma. It was a bombshell for me and everyone around me. I was then advised to undergo further tests.


8th July, 2019

Results of the tests confirmed the previous diagnosis.


The next few days were spent in analyzing the mistakes and planning the future course of treatment.

What did I miss?

Where did I go wrong?

How will I overcome this?

Will I die?

Numerous doubts rose in my mind.


12th July,2019

Today, I got up in the morning and found the answer to all my doubts.

Realization dawned….. My focus towards my health was negligible.


Because no major sickness had ever happened to me and I was overconfident that nothing will ever happen to me. I wrongly believed that I will remain untouched from any major illness.

 I will exercise when I am old.

I will quit junk food when I am old.

 I will quit sugar when I am old.

 Illnesses come in old age and am not old.



Our body gives signs when it is not well but do we ever listen? I ignored my body.

  • I had constant fatigue. I told myself it was because I was overworked.
  • A mild twist fractured my foot a few years back and I was warned to take a calcium rich diet. I promised myself but on and off I broke my promise.
  • I was gaining weight and I blamed it on my fatigue due to which I was unable to go for walks.

As you can see I created a vicious cycle of excuses around me.

We take our health and life for granted till we face some medical emergency.Health is not valued till sickness comes.

  • It is very important to eat healthy.
  • Take out some time for physical exercise.
  • Develop and nurture a hobby that helps to overcome stress as well as keep you occupied in a healthy manner.
  • Read books.
  • Write about your happiness, dreams, sadness etc. Pour it out. You will immediately feel better.
  • Surround yourself with positive thinking and friends. Be there for them if you want them to be around you when you need them. Socialize personally not just on social media.
  • Get the basic blood tests done once a year.
  • Health Insurance is a must. Thankfully I had it and eventually got the best treatment thanks to their full cooperation and prompt funding. (How I beat cancer and what it taught me::: Sonali Bendre’s Interview)
  • Stay positive throughout the medical treatment and beyond.Your worrying is not going to help.It has been proven that stress releases hormones that aggravate the disease.
  • Most importantly stop postponing living your life for an unknown time in the future.


Has this changed my outlook? Oh yes! It has.

  • Focus is one powerful habit that keeps me going.
  •  I am eating healthy. Not that I have stopped eating out but I keep a check on what I eat.
  • I have resumed my habit of walking.I used to love walking but had stopped 5 years back when I fractured my foot and eventually  became lazy to resume  it.
  • I exercise or do yoga.
  • I am very conscious about my health and take my body symptoms seriously rather than just ignoring them.Of course I do it without being paranoid.
  • I pamper my body. How will I pursue my  numerous goals and dreams if it stops working?

 GREAT HABITS ARE FORMED DAILY..Even though the 21/90 rule can help us to achieve small victories and guide us towards a greater good. Please do not expect some magic to occur after 21 days. It totally depends on your attitude.

The 21 Day Myth.


Cheers to a happy and healthy life…

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Your potential is endless and untapped..

Dear Yashika,

Do not give up when you do not score high in the exams, as long as you are focused on your future,

Do not give up when you do not have the luxuries that your friends have,as long as you have gratitude for your own life,

Do not give up when your dreams are crushed,as long as you dream numerous more,

Do not give up when I deny your request,as long as you understand and trust me,

Do not ever give up my child, for your life is like a butterfly emerging out of the chrysalis….


When a butterfly finally comes out of the chrysalis it has undergone complete transformation i.e. it has changed from a caterpillar into a butterfly.It slowly stretches its wings and adapts to the new surroundings. Upon realising the true potential of its wings and trusting itself ,it soars high into the sky.

Your life my child is also the same. You will blossom and shine at the right moment.

But first you have to believe in yourself.

“How can I know who I am, until I find out who I was?” Jack Frost.

In the movie Kung Fu Panda,Po,a panda was chosen to undertake a heroic mission even though he was everything but a warrior. Po received a Dragon scroll that was supposed to turn him into a Dragon Warrior. On opening the scroll he found nothing but a golden, reflective surface that was completely blank, but it reflected his face. This was the secret to his “limitless power”.

Hrithik  Roshan stammered as a child and due to it had low confidence. He took speech therapy classes and overcame his disability. Today he is a renowned Bollywood superstar.

How did both of them achieve success?

It was because they believed in the power within and never gave up.

Continue to make persistent efforts and you will eventually win in life. You will be amazed to see what you can achieve. You have immense and unlimited potential.

May you be blessed with wisdom, courage and confidence. May you soar high in the sky.

Always dream and try to be better than yourself each day.

Break the suffocating shackles and win in life.

Lots of love my heartbeat,


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मेरी परी

“मां, आओ ना,चलो ना,” नन्ही सी गुनगुन ने मां का पल्लू खींचते हुए बोला। मुस्कुराते हुए दोनों मां बेटी बगीचे में चली गई।गुनगुन हवा में उड़ते हुए रूई की फाहें जैसे सिंहपर्णी के पुष्प से खेलने लगी।

खुशनुमा हवा के झोंके सी है गुनगुन,जो अब लगभग तीन वर्ष की हो चुकी है। इस नन्ही सी परी ने उसके जीवन को रंगों से भर दिया है।अब उसके घर की दीवारें खुशी से गूंजती है।

कौन सोच सकता था की वो छोटी सी कली जो सड़क किनारे एक पॉलिथीन बैग में मिली थी,उसका जीवन बन जाएगी ।



Her life turned topsy-turvy the day she was diagnosed with cancer.

She felt as if the light of hope and joy was forever extinguished.A torrent of negativity engulfed her soul.Full of hopelessness and numerous regrets she reflected on the past trials and tribulations in her life..

And then it dawned on her.She never gave up!

Gratitude filled her heart as her outlook changed.

Her soul lit up like numerous bright lanterns rising up.

She vowed, “I will fulfil my dreams, for life is a blessing.I gift myself eternal happiness and peace.I am a woman extraordinaire.I am a born winner.”

The sky illuminated with joy!



Swirling and twirling rises the gentle breeze, 
The dainty dandelions it loves to tease, 
Delicately dance the yellow flowers,
Humming and flitting around are the lovely bees.

Down trickled the cool showers,
On the dandelions and the sunflowers. 
Mesmerising shades of yellow veil the ground,
Sheltered by the dense newly -leafed bowers.

The sights and fragrances of nature abound,
With the birds chirping in the background.
Bright yellow beam shoots across the sky,
Beckoning the sunflowers to whirl around.

Raise your arms high, towards the sky,
Rejoice and celebrate, without a sigh.
The yellow light has mellowed down,
It is now time to bid goodbye.

Picture courtesy:Pickpic.com


Please click the link above to view the article.

This article was published in Women’s Web..It talks about a very auspicious ceremony held during a wedding in the Garhwal hills of Uttarakhand(India).A great event which should be emulated worldwide.



“Hello! Can you please describe the view around us, am blind, you see,”the stranger asked the lady.

“Right in front is a flower laden garden with flower beds shaped in various designs, placed around a circular cobbled pathway.A few swings are placed under the tree for children to play,”she described enthusiastically.

They were interrupted by the lady’s grandaughter who had come to accompany her home, as the lady was blind.

The lady on the bench was also sightless but not blind.



I have felt love and joy, laughter and respect,

I have borne pain and torture,seen despair and disrespect,

I have been harassed and belittled, suffered sarcasm and neglect,

I bear testimony to the torture of innocent souls and heard their stifled sobs,

I have also seen uncountable shades of life,

I have witnessed numerous sunrises turning into sunsets,

These dark clouds of grief do not deter me,

It is the silver lining that tempts me,

Poised elegantly like the majestic Eiffel Tower,in the City of Love,

I hold my head high,stand tall and erect,

A picture of serenity,fortitude and strength.



Schooltime memories flooded her mind as she revisited the idyllic lake town in Uttarakhand.

The invigorating walk around the lake, which reflected the colours of the trees and the sky.

The sound of water splashing against the oars,fishermen patiently standing knee deep in the water with their fishing rods.

Every morning,without fail,she was greeted by a kingfisher the lone sentinel guarding the lake.

Then came urbanisation.

Every image changed!

Will her progeny be there today?There it is!


Much more beautiful than what she remembered.

Nature glows with abundance,but do we have the eyes to admire it?

Do we even deserve it?

Picture Source: Internet



Bedtime tales and fond memories poured out of the book she held in her hand.

She recalled the fantasy world of Rapunzel,Aladdin and Baba Yaga-the witch flying on her broomstick.

She was introduced to books by her father,who gifted her one on every birthday.
He presented her a lifetime entry pass to the world of unending pursuit of adventure.

Now when her father is also a distant memory,she remembers him fondly through the books, she reads and writes.Spinning wonderful tales,weaving the past into the present and creating unlimited dreams for generations to come.

The books on the bookshelf salute his eternal memory.



Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, ‘The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.’These words form the key towards understanding sustainable development.

1) Use water in moderation while washing,bathing etc.

2) Reusing water waste from washing machine for cleaning floors or using in the washrooms.

3) Preventing overflow of water tanks.

4) Rainwater harvesting by connecting roof drain pipes to a tank.

5) Follow the 5Rs -Reduce,Recycle,Reuse,Re-purpose,Refuse.

6) Even if you do not have an open area in or around your house, create a green space in the smallest possible space. A few flowerpots aesthetically placed will make you happy as well as help your kids form a bond with nature and become sensitive.

7)Always carry a shopping bag with you.

8)Use a carpool.

9)Please plant a sapling for every occasion you want to commemorate.

‘ Be the change you want to see in this world.’



Enraged and hurt she stomped out. Who was this devil she just saw?


Her reflection! Really!

What had she become?

“It is no use to blame the looking glass if your face is awry.” She had heard her mother quoting.

And then it dawned on her.

How can my happiness be in someone else’s hand? When I am the master of my destiny.

With gratitude she reflected on all the bounties in her life.

A strong beam of light shone around her.

Her vision changed and the reflection smiled back at her.

She was in love with her life.


रंगो की मुस्कान ।

राधिका ने तपती धूप में बूढ़े माली और उनके आठ साल के पोते को बगीचे में काम करते देखा।

बगीचा अत्यधिक सुन्दर लग रहा था।हरा-भरा और सुगंधित पुष्पों से सजा। कितना मनमोहक दृष्य था।

वह सोच में डूब गई।

यह स्वार्थहीन होकर हमारे जीवन में रंग भरते हैं। क्या कभी हमने इनके बारें में विचार किया है?
इन सुन्दर पुष्पों के भांति उनका जीवन क्यों नहीं है?इतना बेरंग क्यों है?

राधिका की मां ने उसके विचार भाँप लिए।

अब माली का पोता विद्यालय जाएगा।

आज उन्होंनेे उसके जीवन में रंग भर दिए,उसे पंख दे दिए।



आग में झुलसी जिंदगियां,
घरों के चिराग बुझ गए ,
जो हाथ बढ़ने थे मदद को,
वो उनका दर्द देखते रह गए।

अरे इंसा !
तू कब से इतना बेदर्द हो गया?

आग में फंसी जिंदगियां,
और तू फोटो खींचता रह गया?

कहां गई वह मानवता ?
जब हर हाथ मदद को उठता था,
एकजुट होकर सबकी सलामती की दुआएं करता था।

अरे इंसा! याद रख-

जो बोएगा, वही फसल खाएगा ।

छोड़ दे दर्द बेचने की होड़,
संस्कारों पर ध्यान दें ,
वरना ना तू रहेगा, ना हम रहेंगे,
ना यह जहाँ रह जाएगा ।

अरे इंसा!

मदद को हाथ बढ़ाना सीख,
तू नहीं, मैं नहीं, तो कौन मसीहा आएगा?

बस एक ही मानव जागा उस दिन,
बस एक ही हाथ मदद को बढ़ा,
अगर मिलकर सब हाथ बढ़ाते,
हर घर का चिराग आज रौशन होता।

अरे इंसा!
तू कब से इतना बेदर्द हो गया?



Your prying eyes followed me everywhere forcing me to follow the societal norms.
“Don’t laugh out loud,be graceful. You need to be a positive example for everyone.” they said.

Time stood still.

I let go of my dreams and just existed, leading an obedient and dreamless life.
And then I looked at you and thought.

Why not rise and shine and celebrate life right under your prying eyes!!!!!

A life-changing event.

A realisation that life is to be lived only once….


वो सुनहरी यादें ।

बैठी तनहा सोच रही थी,
जीवन का लेखा जोखा बुन रही थी ।
सर्द हवा का झोंका आया,
साथ अपने कुछ यादें लाया।

खो गई ,उन सुनहरी यादों में,

वो मौज, वो मस्ती,
वो बेफिक्री, वो पागलपन,
वो दोस्तों का काफिला,
वो सदा मिलते रहने का वादा।

वक्त गुज़रा-

आज मिलेंगे ;कल मिलेंगे; में बदलता गया,
बस यही सोचते-सोचते ; हर दिन गुज़रता गया,
कल- कल ,करते -करते; आज भी गँवा दिया ,
कल मिलेंगे ;कल मिलेंगे; बस यही होता गया।

वक्त यूहीं गुज़रता रहा,
हम बेखबर,बस सोचते रहे।

आज इतनी खामोशी क्यों है?
दोस्तों का काफिला इतना सुन्न क्यों है?
वो हंसना खिलखिलाना बंद क्यों है?

सुना है ,एक दोस्त बिछड़ गया है,
वक्त से पहले कहीं खो गया है,
क्या सोचा था ? क्या हो गया है?
बस यादों का समंदर रह गया है ।

वह बोलता था-
फिर मिलेंगे; मिलते रहेंगे,

पर खुद ही कहीं गुम हो गया है।


यादों का कारवां

ऐ हवा ! तू जल्द से जाना ,

उन वादियों में झूम कर गाना,
याद बहुत से लोग हैं आते,
उन्हें मेरा संदेशा पहुंचाना,
वो सुबह पक्षियों का चहचहाना ,
वो लोगों का काम पर बातें करते जाना,
वो शांत झील पर नावों का आना,
पतवार से टकराकर पानी का छलकना,

वो दोस्तों के घर जाना,
वो बात- बात पर बेवजह खिलखिलाना,
सुनसान रात में झींगुर का गाना,
शाम को पक्षियों का घर लौट कर आना,
अनगिनत लोगों से तजुर्बे हैं पाए,
कई थे जो पीड़ा में काम आए ,
वो लोगों की दुआएं, वह उनका दुलार,
मिटाए नहीं मिटते वो यादों के पल ,
छूटे नहीं छूटते यादों के वो घर,

ऐ हवा ! तू वहां जरूर जाना,
उन लोगों को याद दिलाना,
माना मैं वह गलियां छोड़ चुकी हूं,
सब कुछ पीछे छोड़ चुकी हूं ,
पर हर दिन, हर पल, याद मुझे वो लोग हैं आए,
ऐसा भी क्या था उस जगह में,
कि लौट- लौट कर निगाह वापस वहाँँ जाए,
बहुत कुछ छूटा आज तक जिंदगी में,
पर एक अजीब तसल्ली सी है,
जो खोया वह किस दिन लौट कर आया?
बस एक सुकून है दिल में समाया,

भविष्य हो जो भी –

पर रूक कर, मुड़ कर,
जब भी निगाह डाली,
बड़ी खूबसूरत यादें हैं नज़र आईं,

ऐ हवा! संग खुशहाली ले जाना,
गम के बादलों का निशां मिटा कर,
अंधेरों घरों में उजाला कर आना,
कौन सा काम है मुश्किल उन्हें समझाना,
क्यों कल की फिक्र में आज को गवांते?

उस शांत वादी में सभी मुस्कुराए,
फूलों की महक दूर – दूर तक फैल जाये,
खिलखिलाने का स्वर गूंज कर यहां तक आए,
बस यही संदेशा वहां दे आना,
उन्हें मेरी दुआएं जरूर पहुंचाना।



We take a long time to finally realise what our dreams actually are…. and an equally long time to go about living them. It happened to me and it happens to nearly everyone, except a few……a lucky few I must call them.

Not a day has passed since I have not dreamed a new dream. Every second of my life is a new dream ….

But it took me many long years to realise that the life I was living was not everything that I wanted….

It was incomplete…

My life, my destiny, my dreams ,my ambitions lay elsewhere. What I thought was my dream life was actually nothing— but a collection of compromises which mostly I had not chosen myself but had either been thrust upon me or most of the time I did not have the courage to say “NO

‘NO’ is a negative word but yet releases positive vibes for oneself, in situations where you need to prioritise yourself…

Living your dream; to have the courage to stand up, is really tough. But dreams need to be taken care of.

They are the personification of your life!!!!

Do you realise that if you are not happy doing or being what you are then you are worse than having tried and failed? At least in the latter case you will live with the satisfaction—-that you tried…



They are an unending treasure trove, life blood that will never run dry…Try and find a few and make them true…

You will see how you pave the way for even more to be fulfilled. Don’t make a mess of everything —- for you will always find willing hands to mess them up…Rather use your energy on realising them…

Go ahead and do a few things you have always wanted to do—not what you were made to do….

Let go of even a few harmless compromises and inhibitions—feel the pressure lighten, feel free…..


All these years I have kind of sleep walked through my life. I went to school, completed college, dreamed of taking up a career for financial security and so on…But it was while I was studying for my Bachelor’s degree something just snapped and eventually my grades plummeted.

I always had low self-confidence; now I had ‘none’. I felt suffocated and spent endless hours just brooding about the fact that I was a ‘Nobody’. I had no dreams, I was dead inside….

Slowly I withdrew and became a recluse and ultimately with no one to share my deepest thoughts with; I started to pen down my thoughts. And things started changing. As I was able to talk to myself I made new friends and as days passed I realised if I relentlessly plodded through my life I would go nowhere; and reach nowhere…..

I needed to immensely overhaul my life….

AND I DID!!!!!

I did not have many dreams left at that point of time but yet there were a few that I decided to make true.

Eventually all this led to the discovery that my greatest dream was to WRITE!!!!

So here I am sharing my thoughts. It took me many long, painful and lonely years to realise that I actually had a dream..

People tell me I am lucky that I discovered it, some never discover it too afraid to speak out.

Talk about your dreams… Talk to yourself…. It is therapeutic..

To realise a dream isn’t an instant…it is the realisation of a life time ahead….

P.S. It took me a decade more to express this openly…Until now it was buried deep in my notebook.

To be continued…..

Many more to come….



No matter how things be,

No matter what the future be like,

I shall have your love and you shall have mine..

Slowly as years pass,

Memories of these days…

The time spent together shall embrace me now and then,

Our love shall become deeper and you’ll still be mine,

No matter where you go,

No matter what you do,

My love shall envelope you and you’ll still continue to be mine.

Through thick and thin …..

Through health and sickness..

When things are a bit rough,

You will support me and so will I,

The twinkle in my eye is just for YOU!

My love is eternal, ALL FOR YOU!!!!



A frozen moment that suddenly melts,

Wrapped in a cloak of despair or disgust,

There comes a time in everyone’s life,

When things just refuse to fall in line.

Whenever the light dims and fortune wanes,

There are many to tell you why you have failed,

Not many to stop and offer a reassuring pat,

But to point out one by one your innumerable mistakes,

When the going gets tough,

And you feel a tightness in your chest,

When sadness embraces you,

And you feel lost in a maze,

The tear in your eye melts,

And courses down your cheek.

It’s time to face the gale against your chest,

To stand up erect and give your best,

Never once the nightingale stopped her chant,

It sang blithely be it rain or hail,

Never once has she stopped and asked,

“Why should I sing when I am in despair?”

The frozen moments with it retain,

The memories of the lonesome phase,

The mighty banyan does crumble,

The Earth does shake and break,

But the one who bears it and yet stand erect,


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Ailish Sinclair

Stories and photos from Scotland


Beauty Blogger + Lifestyle Blogger+ Food Blogger+ Travel Blogger+ Recipe Blogger


a coven of creative characters


Ambient Music To The Ethereal And Eternal Idea!

Soulful musings....

An expression of life....

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